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Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current home or are a business owner wanting to add an efficient piece of equipment to your office, Air Conditioning can benefit you and your environment in a number of ways. With a range of options out there, it is important to know which one is right for you. Lee Jackson Air Conditioning provides units from a number of high-end brands including Panasonic, Samsung and Mitsubishi and provides ranges that include wall-mounted air conditioning, floor-mounted air conditioning and split systems. Whether you’re looking for office or school air conditioning, here’s your guide to know exactly which one you need. 

Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Depending on who, where and why you’re looking into air con, there is a multitude of options on the market, each system suiting a different function and purpose. Consider your environment, your budget, purpose, flexibility and top features needed.

Portable Air Conditioning

Portable Air Conditioning is the most popular system chosen for home environments or a situation where the consumer needs complete versatility. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this form of air con is easily transported, meaning it can be moved from place to place or taken outside the home if need be. Normally crafted on a smaller scale, these systems can simply be placed on the floor, plugged in and put in a convenient location, ideal for offices, bedrooms, holiday homes or conservatories.

Split Air Conditioning

Also known as Wall Splits, this form of air conditioning requires a little more thought. Mainly bought for residential use, this system comes with both an internal and external unit, joined through a pipe and fixed into a final position. Although needing professional installation, once in place, these units can offer many benefits such as clearing up floor space and providing a quieter option.

Central Air Conditioning

Needing some planning and execution, central air conditioning is ideal for new construction and larger venues. Requiring external compressors, the up-front cost of these systems is much higher but offers optimum efficiency and a quiet operation. Note that these units will require more planning.

Which System Is Best For You?

Let’s take a look at the most important factors when choosing your air conditioning unit, each system provides a handful of positives and negatives and it‘s vital you consider all aspects. Whether these are a personal preference or suit your location, you may find it helpful to compare each method to each system. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your air conditioning unit.

Energy Rating: The equipment with the better rating will help you save on your energy bill whilst also offering more longevity and reliability in the long run.

Installation process: This one will depend on where you’re looking to have your air con unit and whether you want to go through with a longer process or go for a quick portable option.

Noise: Take a look at the noise ranking for your chosen unit, this may be a key factor in your decision if it’s being used in an office, at night or a quieter location.

Positioning: Window location is an important aspect to consider when investing in air conditioning for both internal and external units. These need to be accessible for maintenance and also centrally placed to allow the stream of air to work effectively.

Property type: The type of property that you’re installing the system into is a huge factor. Different buildings come with different structures, materials and layouts, an older building compared to a new build home may affect the type of unit you can install.

Air Conditioning Features

When purchasing your air con and considering what you want to use it for, different systems come with different features. Depending on what the sole purpose of your unit will be, there is a range of options that different models will offer.

Heating And Cooling Output: Some modern, specifically portable systems come with the added benefit of both heated and cooled air making them a year-round essential.

Wifi: If leaning towards a more high-spec option you may notice the new wifi compatibility. Offering a remote function or online app, these can be great for if you’re wanting to heat or cool a place down at a specific time when you’re out and about.

Dehumidifier: The cooling method on air conditioning works to remove moisture from the air and keep it clear.

Mode: Mode settings can vary but may include features such as a fan, speed, noise levels and a thermostat.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like most installations or technical equipment, air conditioning requires regular maintenance that should be done properly. All filters and grilles should be kept clean, offering the best quality air to run through. You can normally contact the company you have bought through to offer their air con maintenance services.

If you have purchased a smaller system, there are many techniques you can use on a daily or weekly basis to keep it as good as new. If you have opted for a more industrial option, a team of experienced engineers will be able to clean and inspect your unit, performing a diagnostic and fixing any issues there may be.

Venting Your Air Conditioning

When purchasing a portable air conditioner, you must ensure it is vented. Due to the unit extracting air from indoors, this air then needs venting outdoors in order to effectively cool your room. You can vent your air-con through an open window or using a window kit that some systems are provided with.

If you plan on using your portable unit on a regular basis then some people opt for drilling a small hole through the wall. This is beneficial in terms of monitoring it and works well to stop cold air from getting out and warm air from getting in. As a last resort, you can also vent through an open door into another room although this isn’t recommended as hot air is being taken from one place to another and the process will repeat itself.

How much does air conditioning cost?

The cost of an air conditioning unit can depend on a number of things including the size, features, running cost, instalment, brand and type. The best way to find out the cost of an air-conditioning unit is to add together all the separate payments and give one of our experts a call.

Air Conditioning Solutions by Lee Jackson

Air Conditioning is an amazing investment and can offer a range of benefits for both domestic and commercial buildings. With so many options available, there is a system for everyone and everything, keeping you comfortable and fresh wherever you may be. That’s where Lee Jackson air conditioning comes in. We offer air conditioning solutions to people and businesses across the UK, finding solutions to create a safe, comfortable environment. So, whether you’re looking for an office system or something to control your apartment temperature, we have a selection of solutions that will fit your needs.


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