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Benefits Of Office Air Conditioning

Having a reliable, high quality air conditioning system can bring a range of benefits to an office space. Offering improvements for health, mind and productivity, air conditioning is an office essential. With such high spec options available, modern day offices can be accurately modified to meet employee needs. With a wide range of air conditioning systems available for both commercial and domestic projects, finding the right one can be confusing.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having office air conditioning.

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Temperature control

Offering both a comfortable working environment and a consistent daytime temperature, the temperate controls on air conditioning systems are hugely appreciated, especially in an office environment. Climate control can help to match the outside temperatures, keep the office comfortable and ultimately result in employee satisfaction.

Improved air quality

One of the main benefits office air conditioning provides is the improvement of air quality. As the units work to remove impurities, dust and odours, this results in a much cleaner atmosphere and tackles issues such as mould and damp. This can improve employee health in both the short term and long term. Good air quality can also help to protect equipment, structural design and electricals.

Employee productivity

There have been a number of reports to suggest that office air and office temperatures can affect employee performance and productivity. Issues such as a hot or cold environment, stuffy air or poor smells can lead to employees getting distracted or uncomfortable throughout the day.

“Air conditioning can motivate staff and help to create a productive environment. Studies have shown that air conditioning can help to improve employees’ moods and productivity. People who work in well-ventilated, cool environments tend to have fewer distractions and can focus better on the task at hand. Air conditioning has also been shown to reduce stress levels, leading to increased energy levels and productivity. In addition, air conditioning can help to reduce the spread of germs, which can help to keep staff healthy and productive.”

James Rowland, Commercial Director at Neathouse Partners Ltd 

Energy efficient

From a simple split system to a large commercial installation, modern-day air conditioning is becoming more and more efficient regarding energy use and equipment life. As many businesses replace their electric heating with air conditioning units, this can save energy by regulating the correct temperature and not needing the use of two temperature systems. These systems are also typically cheaper to run compared to traditional heating, helping to keep your monthly costs down and stick to your budget.

Fights allergies

Depending on the chosen unit, air conditioning can help to limit allergic reactions or seasonal symptoms. With most systems, the air is filtered and things such as pollen are removed from the atmosphere. As air conditioning also means you don’t need to keep windows open, this will also keep the natural pollutants away.


Noise reduction

Compared to portable fans or electric heaters, air conditioning systems are extremely quiet. Ideal for an office environment, these systems reduce noise pollution and won’t be deemed as distracting. Even when these units are changing settings or adapting to the outdoor temperatures, the functions are so quiet, most businesses will forget they’re there.

Equipment temperature

As most office spaces have computers and technical softwares, it’s important to consider their temperature as well as the employees using them. The majority of this equipment generates heat as it’s being used and needs to be kept cool for the functions to run correctly such as in a server room. Air conditioning can also help to keep any moisture or dirt away.

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Disadvantages of office air conditioning

Although air conditioning can come with all these benefits, it’s important to consider the drawbacks as it’ll affect so many people from day to day. One of the main things to consider when installing air conditioning into the office is avoiding access use. When an air con system is left running all day, there is a greater chance this could take its toll on employee health and increase the overall running cost. This could lead to circulatory issues or weakening of the immune system.

Air conditioning is also considered a hot spot for growing bacteria. If there isn’t a proper maintenance routine in place, this can cause bacteria to grow and form health hazards.

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What temperature should office air conditioning be set at?

When setting a temperature in an office space. it’s important to remember everyone will feel different and have different preferences. As a whole, the ideal office temperature was found to be 21-22oC in recent studies, with anything above or below that showing signs of unproductivity or discomfort. Of course, a small temperature difference doesn’t affect it greatly but these temperatures are always a priority in warmer and colder months as the outdoor conditions begin to change.

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Office air conditioning is now a top priority for businesses when forming a new space.

With health experts now stipulating that the ideal comfort zone for an office should be between 18 – 24 ºC, air conditioning has become essential in business.At Lee Jackson Air Conditioning, we have extensive knowledge on the inner workings of office temperature control. We can therefore, provide a solution that ticks all of your boxes. We cover the entirety of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire so get in touch today for our services!