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How much does it cost to run an air conditioning system?

Due to the advanced features and technology involved in air conditioning over the past years, it has quickly become an affordable and effective alternative to other temperature control methods. Air conditioning systems provide people with a sense of luxury and special addition to their homes. In terms of businesses, air conditioning has become a greater necessity for staff, employers, equipment and workplace health. However, how much have these advancements affected the cost of these units and what would be most suitable to you and your requirements?

Factors Affecting Running Cost

Many consumers in the modern day are aware of the cost of appliances within their households as well as business owners. As with many of these appliances, there may be factors affecting the cost of running their building and their monthly outgoings. This is no different with air conditioners as specific environmental or physical conditions may affect the overall cost of the product. Facts which affect the running cost of air conditioning include:

Environmental Conditions

Certain conditions met within an air conditioning unit’s environment may affect the overall cost of running it. This is mainly due to the efficiency of the unit as specific changes will require a greater amount of energy supply to make a noticeable difference in the temperature. Factors such as keeping the windows and doors closed would assist the unit’s efficiency and decrease the running cost of the unit as a whole.

Property Insulation

Keeping a household insulated results in the restriction of lost cool or warm air from the house and therefore renders the air conditioning unit ineffective. This may deter some consumers due to the cost of insulating a household, however, this is much more effective than just having an air conditioner on its own as it assists its overall function and therefore provides a greater value for money.

Conditioning Size

As stated previously the overall cost of running an air conditioner can vary depending on the overall size of the unit and the area it is cooling/ heating. Specific sizes of air conditioners therefore can vary in power consumption resultantly increasing the hourly cost of the unit, however providing a more efficient alternative to other methods within the area set.

Unit Output Variation

The units which we supply to consumers allow for the variation of the conditions and therefore, allow for the change in the temperatures. This means customers and users can adapt and change their systems to suit their needs. However, this can also be beneficial to the cost of running it as specific seasons can vary in temperature. As commonly known you could alter the conditions of the unit to benefit yourself. This could be something minimal such as turning off the conditioner in the summer after a smaller amount of time.

Condition Of The System

Constant Maintenance of the conditioner will benefit the running cost as the overall performance can result in more energy being used at higher costs. Not only can a high-functioning unit provide clean, fresh air but it also results in fewer blockages, breaks, technical issues and breakdowns. Lee Jackson air conditioning can provide these services with ease, offering experts in maintenance and servicing. 

From all the factors presented, the cost of running air conditioning is quite difficult to completely decipher as all these factors will affect the end result. The best thing to do when purchasing an air conditioning unit is so have a budget in mind and research all the elements mentioned above. 

What Is The Average Cost Of An Air Conditioner To Run?

The average cost of an air conditioning unit cannot be answered to a suitable degree of accuracy as this value is constantly changing, especially as a result of rising household bills and the recent cost of living. The running costs on an hourly basis can vary depending on factors such as the size, power consumption, extra features and model. One of the largest cost factors is down to the time the user leaves on it. Therefore making this hard to answer with 100% accuracy.

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