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What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Available?

Are you considering installing air conditioning in your home or commercial building? Understanding the different types of air conditioning units you have to choose from is a great place to start, since no two cool refreshing breezes are created equal, even if they do all provide a welcome relief!  Different styles of air conditioning units … Continued

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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Air conditioning helps maintain the optimum room temperature while also removing humidity along with airborne particles. So, if you’re in search of both cooler and cleaner air, then air conditioning makes a smart choice for any home or commercial environment.  As a user, the inner workings of air conditioning may be limited to adjusting the … Continued

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Welcome To The Lee Jackson AC Blog

Welcome to the Lee Jackson Air Conditioning blog. We will be writing about all things climate control and about some of the related topics to this over the coming months and we hope that you’ll find it interesting. For those who don’t know us already, we’re Lee Jackson Air Conditioning and we operate across Nottingham, … Continued

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