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Benefits Of Portable Air Conditioning

Hot temperatures and humid conditions can make a home or work life uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than sitting in hot conditions with no means to cool yourself and the environment down. Although most offices, schools, businesses and workplaces have commercial air conditioning installed, most UK homes are left dependent on open windows, closed blinds and electric fans. Portable air conditioners provide effective cooling to spaces which are without these units and offer a flexible solution for both at-home and public spaces. Here are some of the key benefits of a portable air conditioner.

What is portable air conditioning?

A portable air conditioner also referred to as a stand-up air conditioner, is a type of air system that can be manoeuvred. It is a self-contained unit that can be placed and used anywhere besides a window and a socket.

Portable air conditioning benefits

Low cost

Compared to larger, more powerful units, portable air conditioners are cheap to buy and run. Although they might lack technology and capacity, they are ideal for single usage or singular rooms. Many people will opt for a portable air conditioner when they want to avoid the costs of larger units, especially if they are only looking to regulate the temperature in a small space or require it for purposes such as travelling. As these systems are also usually plug-in operated, this means there are also no installation or maintenance costs involved.

Convenient and flexible

One of the main advantages of owning a portable air conditioning system is the convenience that comes with it. Whether you need it in the kitchen whilst you cook, for your family pet or beneath your feet in your home office, these units are flexible and adaptable and can be taken pretty much anywhere they’re needed. Most portables are also crafted with a handle or wheels to make transportation even easier.

Little to no installation

Unlike commercial or domestic air conditioning, these units don’t require a professional to come and put them into place. . Most portable ACs are straightforward to install and vent using the manufacturer’s window kit. They can simply be set up at home, with the help of instructions and guides.

Temperature control

Today’s modern technology has made sure that air conditioning systems are adaptable, effective and stored with new tricks. Recently produced portable air conditioners will come with a range of settings and features to ensure the correct room temperature can be created and offer year-round comfort. Some common features found in portable air conditioners include heat modes, dehumidifiers, temperature control and fan operation.

Compatible with mobile

Similar to the temperature control updates, many of the latest portable air con units also come with mobile compatibility, making it easier than ever to control and maintain temperatures. This setting is not only super convenient but might also come with automation features so less energy is being wasted and the unit is only on when it needs to be.

Drawbacks of portable air conditioners

Just like any system, portable air conditioners can come with their cons and might not suit everyone’s needs. With so many different air conditioning units available, finding the right one can mean comparing all the benefits and downfalls. Here are a few disadvantages of portable air conditioners to keep in mind.

  • Higher noise levels than other units
  • Less energy efficient
  • Not suitable for larger spaces
  • Less powerful output

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