Protect your business and it’s data with server room cooling

Server Room Air Conditioning

Keeping your server room cool is one of the biggest priorities whether you’re a facilities manager or the technician. We’d say that it’s up there on the list of things like security and regular maintenance.

A server room is often looked at as the heart of a company or enterprise and so without functioning servers, most companies would struggle to operate. Some of the largest companies in the world are dependent on their servers and the data within them and so if they were to overheat, these companies would be in trouble.

That’s why we exist, we’re here to protect you from the disaster that is a server room that’s too hot for the equipment to handle. A server room should sit between 10C and 28C so that the equipment inside can function property and work can continue in the offices. You should also be considering the humidity level within the room too, this should fall between 45%-55% so that there isn’t too much moisture in the air! Air conditioning for a server room will be able to control the temperature and regulate the moisture within the room.

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