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How does air conditioning impact sleep quality?

The amount of sleep you get can have a huge impact on your mood, functionality, and mental and physical health. Whether you’re struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep, there are a number of things which may be causing you distress at night time. From hot temperatures to external noises and stress, it’s always best to pinpoint which area you’re struggling with and find a lasting solution.

Find out more about how air conditioning impacts sleep quality below.

Room temperature

Being too hot or too cold can cause a lot of discomfort, especially when trying to sleep. Research has shown that the ideal temperature for sleep ranges between 16°C and 18°C as the body can better maintain its natural thermoregulation. However, it is important to remember that everyone has different body temperatures and preferences.

Having an air conditioning system in your room enables you to adjust the temperature to your preferences, creating a cool environment in the summer and a warmer, cosier temperature for the wintertime.

Find out how to create the ideal room temperature.

Reducing humidity

Similar to being too warm, the humidity within a space can cause discomfort and disturbed rest, especially during warmer months. Air conditioning systems help regulate the humidity levels in your room, keeping the air comfortable and removing the stuffy, moist feel.

Some air conditioning systems may also be fit with a dehumidifying setting, allowing you to target this specific concern and use the unit for more than just the temperature.

Better air quality

Not only does air conditioning improve sleep quality, but it also improves air quality, something which can prevent both getting to sleep and staying asleep. If the air in your room is poor, this could not only result in discomfort but may also impact your general health and lead to more severe side effects. Especially useful for pollutants, allergies, and dust, modern air conditioning systems are equipped with modern features that clean the air and remove any toxins. This means you can enjoy cooler and cleaner air, contributing to a healthier sleep routine.

Noise reduction

Although many people think having a big unit in their room might produce more sound, the consistently low noise of an air conditioning unit can be beneficial for sleep as it acts as a white noise effect. Air con is also ideal for masking disruptive external noises such as traffic, neighbours or busy pubs. This can be particularly beneficial in urban areas where nighttime isn’t so quiet.

Safety and stress

When the weather gets warmer, many homeowners might want to sleep with their windows open in order to have some fresh airflow or more enjoyable temperatures, however, sleeping with your windows open may lead to a string of worry. Whether you’re worried about bugs getting in or theft, keeping your windows shut and opting for air conditioning instead means you can have a peaceful night’s sleep with limited concern about what’s going on around you.

Ways to improve your sleep using air conditioning

The basics of an air conditioning unit will offer the above benefits when trying to improve rest and sleep quality, however, there are also a number of things you can do that could further those impacts and create a unit which works for you.

  • Using a thermostat: once you’ve figured out your desired temperature, it’s easy to schedule this using a thermostat. This means you won’t need to keep changing the settings and can also result in better energy consumption.
  • Regular air conditioning maintenance: like most things, air conditioning will need to be checked over to ensure it is working correctly and efficiently, especially when being used regularly. By investing in maintenance, you can improve the air quality, energy efficiency, air output and general quality of the system. This is also a great time to spot any repair or replacement work.
  • Noise reduction: many modern systems now come with noise reduction settings to allow you to enjoy clean, fresh air in peace. If you need air conditioning mainly at night, this would be a good setting to check for when purchasing a unit.

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