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The importance of hotel air conditioning

As a hotel owner, your customer’s comfort is a primary concern. Not only do your customers bring in business, but they are also responsible for leaving reviews and recommendations which reflect directly on the company and could impact future visitors. The main responsibilities of any hotel are to provide style, comfort, relaxation and an enjoyable experience, with the temperature of a space playing an important role.

How does air conditioning impact customer experience?

Air conditioning is crucial all year round. In summer months, customers can be restless and uncomfortable in overheated rooms, especially due to many suites having limited ventilation and natural airflow. On the flip side, a cold room can also be uncomfortable, with different customers having different preferences for their ideal temperature. Here are some reasons as to why hotel air conditioning can impact customer experience.

  • Temperature control in line with personal preferences and external factors
  • Comfort and relaxation
  • Brand reputation and value
  • Positive customer reviews and feedback
  • Hygiene and health and safety
  • Restful night sleep
  • Air-controlled facilities e.g. reception, spa and restaurants

When thinking about installing hotel air conditioning, it’s important to remember that your visitors won’t just be spending their time in their private rooms. Customer experience starts as soon as they enter the lobby, meaning the check-in space must be comfortable and temperature regulated as well as internal restaurants or canteens, spa facilities, meeting rooms and any other additional rooms.

The best air conditioning unit for a hotel

Hotels can range in size, with some benefitting from small, basic units, to others needing highly advanced systems that cover a greater surface area. It’s also important to consider the area where they are being installed as different areas will benefit from different types.

Here are some of the best systems to consider when installing air conditioning for a hotel.

Ducted air conditioning

A popular choice for hotels and other commercial properties, ducted air con are designed to be almost completely concealed, something which makes them aesthetic, practical and safe. These units are normally noticed due to having small grills in the ceiling, designed in various styles and tailored to meet business demands. Ducted units are super versatile, meaning a hotel can choose from different sizes to meet their sizing requirements and building layout.

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Ceiling Cassette air conditioning

Ideal for cooling large spaces, ceiling cassette air conditioning is also easy to install and doesn’t cause a great amount of disruption, meaning business can run as normal. This unit type typically features four-way air flow systems to allow for even air distribution and regulated temperatures throughout the space.

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Wall-mounted air conditioning

Considered one of the most versatile unit types, wall-mounted air conditioning is available in a wide range of colours, sizes and design options, making them ideal for spaces such as hotels as they can fit into branding and interior styles. Mainly used for guest rooms and average-size spaces, these units are easy to control and offer a lot of flexibility in terms of features and settings.

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Air conditioning for hotels by Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson is home to a wide selection of hotel air conditioning solutions, providing all the above units as well as floor-mounted systems and units for specific facilities.

We’ve installed custom air conditioning systems for small, medium and large hotels across the UK, fitting the most effective and efficient solutions for that space. We’re also able to maintain existing air conditioning installation whilst putting reliable and quality maintenance and repair plans in place.

In addition to your hotel air conditioning, we’re also experts in restaurants, gyms and offices if you want different solutions for different areas of the business.

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