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Commercial air conditioning: Where is it used and what are the benefits?

Commercial environments benefit in a variety of ways from the installation and usage of air conditioning. Offering advantages for both the business and customer, commercial air conditioning can contribute to factors such as customer satisfaction, employee wellness, productivity, property value, health and safety and air quality. Different industries will require different things from their units, with some wanting a system to level out room temperatures and others wanting to clean the air and improve the quality of their workspace. So where can commercial air conditioning be found and how can specific industries benefit from it?

Office air conditioning

One of the most common places you will find air conditioning is within an office. No matter what size or shape, an office space requires air conditioning in order to create a comfortable working environment, boost productivity and create a clean workplace which doesn’t cause unnecessary harm or absence. When installing office air con, workplaces are improving employee satisfaction as well as creating an environment which is safe from dust, pollutants and odours, ultimately reducing staff illness and dissatisfaction.

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Warehouse and industrial sites

The industrial sector is filled with a range of chemicals, toxins and potential hazards, meaning many of them will opt for air conditioning in order to reduce exposure and keep the workplace clean for staff and visitors. These type of commercial spaces can also become very overheating and may lack natural ventilation, meaning air con systems are required to keep a moderate room temperature. Air conditioning can also be found in spaces such as server rooms as a means to keep equipment cool and protected.


Schools, nurseries, universities and colleges can all benefit from air conditioning as they are places which have a high level of foot traffic and focus on things such as productivity throughout the day. In summer especially, schools can become very warm and unpleasant to work in, so air conditioning is the ideal way to keep spaces at a comfortable temperature without the risk of triggering allergies and outdoor pollutants.

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Retail and hospitality

The hospitality sector has a huge focus on customer experience, with the temperature and conditions impacting this, air conditioning is typically always found amongst these establishments. Places such as shops, cafes, restaurants and bars will install air conditioning to ensure their customers are comfortable and enjoying their visit whilst also ensuring that their employees have a pleasant working environment. Having air conditioning installed in the summer can be really beneficial as sometimes customers will simply want to find a place to cool down and relax, boosting footfall and potential sales.


Similar to hotels and hospitality, hotels rely heavily on customer satisfaction and reviews. The whole purpose of a hotel stay is to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing evening, and room temperature can have a massive impact on this. Installing air conditioning for hotels provides a comfortable environment to sleep in and will also reduce the stuffy, humid atmosphere that can come with rooms that have limited ventilation. Hotel air conditioning will also ensure these places remain free of mould and dampness, benefitting spaces such as the washrooms, spas and wet rooms.

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Benefits of air conditioning for commercial spaces

  • Comfortable room temperatures
  • Advanced and customisable features
  • Clean air quality
  • Reduces pollutants and dust
  • Increase of productivity
  • Increase in property value
  • Employee and customer satisfaction

Commercial air conditioning installed by Lee Jackson Air Conditioning

Lee Jackson installs and maintains a wide range of commercial air conditioning systems across the UK, providing modern and reliable solutions for a broad range of industries and businesses. We stock some of the biggest names in the air con sector including Samsung and Panasonic, stocking systems that cover spaces of all shapes and sizes.

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