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Air Conditioning In UK Homes

With the UK summers getting hotter as the years go by, more people are questioning why our homes and properties don’t come with that holiday air con feeling. Although it is of course possible to get your own systems fitted, a lot of UK homes aren’t suitable for installation. People also don’t always warrant the use, as for the majority of the year, the UK is a pretty wet and cold place. Saying that a lot more people are now looking into home air conditioning and there are many reasons why!

Apartment Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever lived or stayed in an Apartment through the summer months, whether that be in the UK or not, you’ve witnessed just how hot and stuffy they can get. Unlike houses, apartments have much less ventilation, and combined with heat and moisture from those on top and below, it can get pretty uncomfortable in the warmer seasons.You only have to visit cities such as London to realise just how much apartment living has grown over the years. These places are riddled with sky high blocks, student accommodations and flat shares, most of which come without air con. The last thing you want from a hard day at work is to come home to a roasting apartment which can take hours to cool down.

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How To Keep Your Apartment Cool

The good news is, if you aren’t able to install a classic air con system in your flat or apartment, there are ways to avoid that humid summertime heat! As a lot of people rent or lease flats, getting something permanent isn’t always an option. There are a number of alternative air conditioning solutions that will keep you and your home feeling cool.

  • A self-contained, water-cooled unit : With no external condenser, this set up doesn’t require planning permission, meaning it can be installed in listed properties as well as smaller spaces.
  • Through the wall: This is installed on an external wall, without the need for an outside box or condenser.
  • Portable Ducted Units: This cheaper option works the same way as a fully ducted system. Air is pulled in via a duct and then cooled internally. It is then blown out to cool your surroundings.
  • Natural Breeze : If you’re not wanting to invest in any air con, there’s always the traditional method of opening your windows and doors, letting a breeze run through.
  • Blinds and curtains: Particularly on sunny days, keeping blinds and curtains shut can reduce the heat coming into your home/apartment.

Home Air Conditioning

The task of choosing and purchasing an air conditioning system for the first time can be confusing. With so many out there and so many things to consider, UK residents specifically have a lot to think about. Is your home suitable for an air con unit? Is it in your monthly budget? Do you have a pet? Are you concerned about the running costs? Which type is the best for you? How often are you going to use it? What is your idea of comfortable living temperatures?

Let’s have a look at the best options for an at-home system.

Portable or mobile units: These units don’t require any special mounting but are installed with a flexible air pipe routed through a window or hole in the wall.

Floor mounted: Typically installed against a wall and usually has a heat pump facility. 

Wall mounted: Wall air con is a neat solution perfect for older buildings. Two air pipes are placed from the back directly through the wall. 

Window air conditioning: The basic units can only chill the air, but if you opt for a more expensive one, these have a heat pump mode and a remote control. 

The benefits of home air conditioning

Installing or purchasing an at-home air con unit can come with a range of advantages. With so many people now working from home, it’s becoming more important to make your house or apartment feel comfortable.

These are just a few benefits an at-home system can offer.

  • Heating and cooling – An efficient air conditioning system is the ideal climate control regulator. Working for both heating and cooling, your home can easily maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. The control systems also offer a personal temperate that works for you. 
  • Improved air quality – Using your air conditioner to reduce humidity and filter out pollen or dust can have great health benefits. Not only does this improve air quality, it also offers a safe environment for anyone who struggles with allergies. 
  • Tackles dampness, mould and moisture.
  • Electronic protection – Air con is also great for cooling your techno applications down. Especially during warmer months or over usage, tv’s, games and computers can become overheated. This will save you money and potential damage. 
  • Improved home security – Stops you from needing to leave windows or doors open, especially if you’re tempted to leave them open when you’re out and about. 
  • Reduced noise – Especially helpful if you work from home, most air con systems will have you forgetting they’re there. Having a unit will also stop the need to open windows and doors, keeping the noise of the world out whilst you work. 
  • Lower health risks – Air con will reduce the risk of overheating, circulation issues, dehydration and heat stroke. 
  • Increase of property value – The general demand for domestic air conditioning has grown due to climate change and remote working. Offering a home that already has air conditioning installed is an attractive solution when it comes to selling your property. 

“NASA has conducted studies showing that for every degree over 22C, productivity falls by 3.6%. With UK summers getting increasingly warmer, people are now suffering under the British heat. This will see an increase in property value where air conditioning is installed as it is becoming a more common, desirable feature.”

Bruna Pani, We Buy Any House 

Home and apartment air conditioning solutions

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