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Using air conditioning in the winter

When people think of air conditioning, they typically only consider the release of cold air. While older, traditional air conditioning units aren’t always suitable for wintertime, modern systems can be used throughout the year due to having such a wide selection of options and features. This means that homeowners and businesses can benefit from clean, fresh air all year round with the perfect room temperature.

How does air conditioning work during the winter months

Using your air conditioning system in the winter can offer several benefits. You can set it to a temperature that you find comfortable whilst also bringing in a constant stream of fresh, filtered air to help clear discomfort. This can be particularly helpful in places such as apartments that suffer from overheating due to heat rising from other floors or direct sun exposure.

Is it energy-efficient to leave air conditioning running during the winter?

Although it’s more energy usage, it’s more efficient to ensure your house, office or business space is maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature throughout the year. This can mean utilising your air conditioning and your heating at different points throughout the day. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by using a thermostat. Maintaining a regular temperature by using a thermostat means you don’t have to constantly heat up or cool down your property and save energy in the long run.

Similarly, you want to avoid leaving your air conditioning on full blast throughout winter due to higher energy bills. Setting your heating to the same comfortable temperature and using modern automations will ensure it is not on when it isn’t needed or when the place is empty.

Servicing an air conditioning unit in winter

As well as figuring out your preferred winter temperature, it’s also a good idea to book your air conditioning for its annual service during the winter months by professionals and engineers. Winter makes for the perfect time to do this as your unit would of been used heavily throughout the summer months and could have gathered dust, dirt or even damage. This also ensures that when the time comes for it to be used, anything that needs to be replaced will have been and the unit can work as efficiently as possible.

Lee Jackson Air Conditioning have a team of experts who specialise in air conditioning servicing, maintenance and repairs and will be sure to get your unit up and running in no time.

The benefits of using air conditioning in winter

Using air conditioning in winter can have several benefits, even in the UK where winters are generally mild. Here are some of the key advantages:

Temperature control: Air conditioning units can provide both cooling and heating functions meaning in the winter, they can help maintain a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature,, whether that be in a bedroom, hotel or school classroom.

Improved air quality: Modern air conditioning systems often come with filters that can help improve indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and pollutants from the environment.

Humidity control: Air conditioning units can help regulate indoor humidity levels. In the winter, when the air can becomes dry, these units can add moisture to the air, making it more comfortable and fresh. This will also avoid issues such as dampness and mould.

Rapid heat: Any air con unit can quickly warm up a room, providing instant comfort when you come in from the cold outdoors.

Property value: Homes and offices equipped with modern air conditioning systems may have higher resale values as they will be pre-installed.

Air conditioning installation across the UK

Here at Lee Jackson, we have a team of experts who specialise in a wide selection of different air conditioning systems, covering different commercial spaces whilst also supplying some of the top-quality brands in the industry. We strive to offer the best service out there and rest assured we’ll do everything that we can bring a clean and simple installation to your home, apartment, workplace, school or business. Whether you’re looking for a wall-mountedducted or floor-mounted unit, we’ve got lots to offer.

By supplying brands such as Mitsubishi, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Daikin, we can find, install and maintain the perfect system for you!

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