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6 Modern features used for air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems have developed enormously over the past decade. From simply cooling the air in our living and working spaces, modern units now come with a selection of technological features, used to provide more than just comfort and temperature. Air conditioning can now offer a range of innovative features that enhance efficiency, convenience, energy usage and even environmental sustainability.

Air conditioning features and their benefits

Here are some of the main features included in modern air conditioning systems and how each of these can benefit personal and business use.

Smart thermostats

Customers no longer have to rely on manually adjusting their settings and waiting for the room to reach the desired temperature. On modern units, air conditioning has levelled up with the introduction of smart thermostats which allow you to take control, even when on the go. A smart thermostat will be connected to your mobile device, meaning you can set the temperature for when you get home or turn the heating off if you happen to forget. These thermostats are clever and will learn from your preferences and daily habits, some even automatically adjust the temperature to create a comfortable environment in line with your lifestyle and patterns.


One of the most innovative and recent features of modern air conditioning systems is zoning. Instead of cooling an entire building or space at a set temperature, zoning allows you to have individual temperature control to create optimal comfort. This feature is especially helpful for businesses and offices as people will have their own preferences to how they want to work and what they feel most productive in.

Energy efficiency

Many customers avoid air conditioning as they are under the impression they have high energy usage and lack eco-friendliness. However, many of the newer air conditioning systems are designed with features such as variable-speed compressors, high-tech exchangers, and environmentally friendly refrigerants. These features use less energy and also keep consumer bills down.

Quiet outputs and settings

When used in workplaces or homes, air conditioning can often cause distractions if they are loud, a feature which many old systems have. Modern units often come with quiet modes or are built with quiet output features already.

Integration with smart home systems

There is a wide selection of smart home technology which has led to the integration of air conditioning systems with broader home automation platforms. This means you can now control your HVAC system as part of your smart home ecosystem including systems such as lighting and security. Having all these features connected, you can create a home or workspace that is ready and waiting, operating at the perfect temperature, safety and sustainability.

Air conditioning solutions for commercial and domestic use

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