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Styling a sunroom

A sunroom combines natural light and surroundings with interior comforts, creating a homely space with a fresh feel. A sunroom is an ideal place to relax and wind down, perfect for warm summer days or frosty winter mornings. With comfortable furniture and warm colours, you can create a tranquil sunroom to enjoy alone or with guests.

Where to start

Designing and planning any room of the house can take a lot of thought, and a sunroom is no different. Not only will you need to blend it into the rest of the house, but it’ll need to be fit for purpose and have a clear use in mind. And this is a great place to start. What will the sunroom be used for? Will it be a secondary lounge space, dining area or playroom? Knowing exactly who and what will be in there will make home interiors and decorating much easier to plan.

Sunroom design ideas

When it comes to interior design, everyone has their own taste, so there is no right or wrong way to decorate your new space. Design themes could include cosy warm tones or bold, eccentric decor. Here are some current sunroom design trends.

The snug

A snug is a term used to describe a small, cosy room in the home which offers peace and relaxation. A sunroom can easily be transformed into a snug-inspired area, decorated with fabric sofas, insulated flooring and entertainment. This room will ultimately be used as a secondary lounging area, perfect for alone time or social gatherings. In terms of colour schemes, the snug is typically moody but ultimately fits into the interior of the rest of the home.


A boho-chic sunroom has a soothing feel to it, decorated with natural features in a unique yet modern style. Decorations such as shabby chic, rustic, and Scandinavian elements are typically present, whilst pillows, fabric chairs and stools, curtains and rugs create a comfortable atmosphere. These rooms are also not shy of colour. A boho-inspired space often incorporates patterns, textures and bold colours to create an original look.

Nature room

Incorporating nature into the home is a running trend in home interiors. Decorating rooms with features such as house plants, artwork, wooden furniture and natural patterns is a theme which many enjoy. Not only do these features give a space a natural, fresh feel, but they also add a touch of texture and colour whilst still adding a neutral look. Sunrooms with this theme also tend to be spacious and minimalistic, with plenty of windows and outdoor air coming in. You could also consider purchasing a dehumidifier or air-con unit to give it that extra fresh feel.

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Dining area

A sunroom can also be transformed into a dining room, with tables, chairs and sometimes refreshments included. Using a sunroom as a dining room has its perks, including removing a big piece of furniture from your main living area. Many people use their sunroom as a place for events and gatherings, using the dining table to host their day/evening and join onto their garden. It is, however, important to remember the temperature in a sunroom when using it as a dining area. As you’ll probably be using it all year round, it may be wise to invest in an air conditioning system to keep the temperature at bay during hot and cold temperatures. 

Entertainment zone

Creating a fun-filled space is a key trend in sunroom design. Popular with families, young couples or even the older generation, an entertainment space not only takes all the chaos away from the main house but also provides an area for socialising. Sunrooms are ideal places to store toys, games and consoles and can be designed in a way that suits your aesthetic. These areas might include storage boxes, a sofa or bean bag area, a TV station or a gaming corner.


Minimalist design does what it says on the tin, keeping things simple and minimal. This is a key trend when it comes to sunroom design as many people want this area to be a place of complete relaxation, which includes no clutter, neutral tones and a simple layout. A minimalist sunroom may incorporate colours such as whites, creams, greys and beige, decorated with a seating area, rug and limited accessories. 

Air conditioning for conservatories

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