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Best Heating Or Cooling Options For A Sunroom

There’s no doubt that a sunroom makes for a stunning addition to any home, especially since it allows you to maximise the amount of natural light your property receives, plus it can provide extra space to dine, lounge or relax in. To find out how to style a sunroom, have a read through one of our latest blogs. 

Though, there’s just the small matter of the temperature in the sunroom, which can fluctuate more dramatically than in other areas of your home. In the summer, all that glass can make your sunroom feel more like a greenhouse, and when the temperature drops, the lack of insulating features or connection to traditional central heating can cause sunrooms to feel rather chilly. 

Not to worry as in today’s post we’re going to cover the best heating or cooling options for your sunroom so that you can enjoy the space all year round. 

Portable Heating And AC Units

Starting with the most obvious choice, and that’s to buy either portable heating or air conditioning unit. Now, such devices are excellent to bust you out of a hot (or cold!) jam, though they can often be very expensive to run. Plus, portable devices can take up much-needed floor space, and in the case of portable heaters, can pose a potential hazard for pets or small children. 

With a portable air conditioner such as a fan, you also have to remember that, unlike a professional air conditioning system that extracts warm air from the room, a fan will simply create a breeze. Therefore, it’s difficult to get long term relief, let alone make the entire space feel cool. Once you switch the system off, the intense heat feeling will instantly return, which isn’t economical. 

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Or Wall Mounted Heaters

Placing an air conditioning or heating unit on the wall is an excellent way to save floor space within a sunroom. Such units also offer a cost-effective solution, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial environments alike. 

As a step up from portable devices, wall mounted air conditioning or heating comes with temperature control as standard. Best of all, an air conditioning system will work to extract the warm air from the environment meaning it makes a long-lasting and noticeable difference to the temperature of the room. 

Many wall-mounted units also have an internal temperature sensor, meaning they can be programmed to turn on or switch off so that the room always remains at an ambient temperature. 

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Expand Your Existing Air Conditioning Or Home Heating System

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There are many different types of heating and air conditioning systems, and for air conditioning specifically, this includes ductless, ducted, wall mounted, floor mounted and ceiling mounted

Installing a heating or cooling or solution in a sunroom is a little different to the rest of your property, since the type of plumbing, heating or electrical structures that are available may not extend throughout the newer constructed areas of your sunroom. 

The two options here are to get your heating or air conditioning installed or upgraded at the same time, which will mean a specific solution can be found to integrate with your sunroom. Alternatively, you can request a heating engineer or an air conditioning installer such as ourselves to come up with the best solution based on the design of the building and your budget. 

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Don’t Forget Your Garage Either! 

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While garages have a different construction to sunrooms, they too can suffer from the issue of becoming hot and humid in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter.

In particular, excess heat and humidity in a garage can affect the condition of your vehicle, especially vehicles that are highly valuable and need to be kept in pristine condition. We highly suggest wall mounted, ceiling mounted or ducted air conditioning units for garages. 

After all, unlike with a sunroom, with a garage, it’s not simply a case of opening a window to let hot air escape. Even leaving the door open while the garage is unattended poses a huge security threat. But with professional air conditioning, your garage will remain cool at all times, making it pleasant to work in, plus your valuables will not suffer due to excess heat either. 

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Air Conditioning For Sunrooms and Conservatories – Nottingham, Derby & Leicester  

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