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Gym air conditioning regulations in the UK

A gym or any other sports centre is prone to hot and stuffy conditions. Whether that be from the amount of bodies and movement or a sauna room, these spaces must be comfortable and safe to use, all year round.

To avoid overheating or potential safety hazards, a well-maintained air conditioning unit will not only support a business and its operations but can also improve customer productivity and energy whilst helping to maintain the right safety requirements.

Why is it important to have gym air conditioning?

The air quality and temperature in a gym can vary depending on the size of the space, how many customers there are, what equipment is being used and how well-ventilated it is. Having a comfortable room temperature in the gym is important for several reasons whilst not having this in place also comes with its risks.

The risk of high temperatures

Most people using a gym will be working out, leading them to have an increase in heart rate and body temperature, so if they’re already hot, this combined with a hot environment can lead to a risk of dehydration or even more severe conditions. If there is no air conditioning to cool customers down, they are more likely to overheat.

The risk of low temperatures

Although less likely, if a gym has low temperatures, this can also impact and potentially harm users, even if they are getting warm from exercising. Working in cold conditions not only increases the risk of injury but can also lead to things such as muscle spasms and a loss of malleability. Low temperatures may also impact those with pre-existing health conditions.

What temperature should a gym be?

In the UK, there are currently no laws or established regulations in place that target gyms or leisure facility temperatures specifically, however, there are several generic health and safety regulations that businesses must follow. We do however know that a workplace’s ideal temperature should be 16 degrees, and fitness experts have taken this into account as they suggest a fitness gym to be 16 to 18 degrees, with comfort cooling measures in the summer when needed.

The benefits of gym air conditioning

Having an air conditioning system installed inside a gym is more than just keeping the space cool. These units provide a range of benefits for the user, business and even the equipment set-up. With the primary focus being on releasing cool air and maintaining a comfortable room temperature, here are some of the main benefits of gym air conditioning.

Comfortable room temperature

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, being too hot or too cold can ultimately ruin any day or activity, especially if it means being uncomfortable or potentially at risk. By installing gym air conditioning, customers will be exposed to a comfortable room temperature which can also be adjusted depending on the current weather conditions or seasons. With modern technology, gyms can alter their temperatures but also use specialised systems to set up timers and use the unit effectively.

Reduces humidity and improves ventilation

An air conditioner can help regulate humidity by condensing warm, moist air out of the building, something which is very prominent in gyms and leisure facilities. Many air conditioning systems also come with a “dry mode” which targets humidity specifically without overcooling the environment. Removing these humid conditions will thus remove the feeling of stickiness in the air and discomfort among customers and employees.

Improved air quality

Having good air quality comes hand in hand with having a good air conditioning system as this will ensure that bad air is removed and healthy air is put into the environment. A gym is filled with outdoor bacteria, sweat and exposure, especially with each person using the same equipment nearby. By removing bad chemicals and things such as pollens and dust, customers will be exposed to a safer environment and feel the effects whilst working out.

Improved productivity

Gymgoers are much more likely to be productive if they feel comfortable in their surroundings. By creating an efficient environment for customers and employees, there will be an increase in productivity and movement. This can also benefit the company as the customers will be more likely to keep their memberships and suggest the facilities to others.

Reduced health and safety risks

Overheating in a gym can lead to a string of issues, some more serious than others. From fatigue and headaches to rashes and acne, being too hot when working out can take its toll. By installing a reliable air conditioning system, gyms will become a space where customers can work out in better conditions and remain at a safe, moderate temperature. Gyms must also ensure not to be too cold as this can lead to stiff bones or limited circulation.

Gym air conditioning solutions across the UK

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