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How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents

As with any device you have installed in your home or commercial building, maintenance will be required from time to time to keep everything in good working order. Air conditioning vents are no exception. As the gatekeeper for all of the dust, dirt and debris that float around inside, air conditioning vents get surprisingly dirty in a short amount of time. The result can mean a reduced quality of air and in the long term, damage to the air conditioning system itself. 

So that you can keep your air conditioning system in perfect working order, here is further information on how to clean your air conditioning vents. 

What Do I Need To Clean My Air Conditioning Vents?

  • Bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver 
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Towel
  • Vacuum with a hose

Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Vents

Every air conditioning system is slightly different, with this guide referring to ceiling, floor and wall vents. Be sure to turn off your air conditioning and any associated electrical outlets before attempting cleaning. Here are some simple steps to follow to clean your air conditioning system. 

Step 1: Remove The Vents

Grab your screwdriver and carefully remove the screws which hold the vents in place. The type of screwdriver you will need (i.e flat or crosshead) will vary, so make sure you have the correct type before commencing cleaning.

Also take care to place the screws in an easy-to-find place, so that you can easily put the vent back together once you are finished.

Step 2: Vacuum The Ducts

Use a concentrated vacuum nozzle such as a hose or a crevice tool to remove dust and debris from the ducts. It’s essential not to go too deep into the ducts, so if you notice a large concentration of dust (i.e it’s been years since it was last cleaned out), then you’ll need to call in a professional engineer to look at this correctly and safely. 

Step 3: Dust Your Vents

Use a duster to clean the vents, making sure to intricately clean in between each vent.  For those with allergies, you may want to perform this step outside or wear a mask so that the particles do not cause a reaction or even possible harm. 

Step 4: Wash Your Vents

Prepare a bowl of warm soapy water and mix in some dish soap. Place the vents into the bucket and leave for 15 minutes, taking care not to soak vents made from non-stainless steel for too long due to the risk of rust.

The purpose of soaking the vents in water is that it will help dislodge any grease or additional build-up that could not be removed by the duster. 

Step 5: Dry Your Vents

Use a clean towel to dry the vents after they have been soaked in warm water. If you have time, leaving them to sit in a sunny spot may also remove excess moisture. Ideally, the vents should be fully dry before replacement, though if there is some residual moisture this will not harm your system.

Step 6: Replace The Vents

Pick up the same screwdriver you used to remove the air conditioning vents, and replace the vent, taking care to carefully affix each screw in the correct place and tight enough so that it cannot become loose. Turn the air conditioning system back on. Hopefully, everything should be up and running without issue, and you should also notice the difference in how clean your system is! 

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